Force transducer - individual force measurement

Kraftaufnehmer Entwicklung BauDevelopment and manufacture

Individual force measurement is of crucial importance in many industry branches, be it for assessing the operational stability of vehicles and machines, or for checking safety aspects. Our focus is on the field of force transducer construction, especially with customer-specific force transducers. These are specially developed, built or adapted to your application. Since our force transducers are often used in very harsh industrial environments, special protective measures ensure trouble-free operation. Our force transducers are based on strain gauges, which, depending on the area of ​​application, are bonded with hot or cold curing. As a rule, a finite element calculation (FEM) is carried out in advance in order to determine the optimal design.


Of course, we also calibrate our force transducers and record the results in calibration certificates. A calibration takes place by means of a defined tensile and compressive force as well as the recording of the resulting strain.


Our application reports offer a perfect first impression of our services relating to force transducer construction. The application report Compressor Shaft: From draft to telemetric measurement not only covers the force transducer construction but also includes the topic: telemetry on rotating components. The application report Measurement of a mobile freezing shelving system especially deals with the force transducer construction in extreme industrial environments. If you would like to convert your components into measuring instruments (transducer construction), then the application report - force measurement on presses and punches for process and quality monitoring – may be of interest to you. It should be mentioned here that our service of the initial concept for redesigning a component into a measuring instrument is free of charge.


Integrated amplifiers and other feature

Kraftaufnehmer integrierter MessverstärkerThe octogon load pins are optionally available with integrated electronics or measuring amplifiers. The exact design provides high long-term stability and precisely reproducible measurement results. The load pins are vibration and shock resistant, the strain gauge full bridge compensates for temperature fluctuations. The measuring pins can be supplied with a permanently attached cable or plug. In addition to a customer-specific design, our measuring pins have other features as standard:


  • Integrated amplifier (4-20mA, CANopen, optional CANopen Safety, PROFINET, optional PROFINET PROFIsafe)
  • Durable design
  • Temperature compensated from -40 ... + 80 ° C
  • High EMC resistance of 200V/m
  • No zero point drift i.e. no recalibration required
  • Constant accuracy over the entire temperature range
  • Design for tensile and/or compressive forces
  • Limit load 150% and breaking load 300% of the nominal load
  • Safety classification PL c/SIL 1
  • Protection class IP66/IP67
  • Calibration in a simulated installation situation including test report


Optionally, our load and force measuring pins also offer the following advantages:

  • Increased ultimate and breaking load, e.g. 300/500%
  • Temperature compensated up to + 160 ° C
  • Redundant execution
  • Protection class IP69
  • External amplifier
  • Customized connections (cables and plugs)


If you use octogon force transducers on machines and in plant construction, you benefit from reliably predictable measurement results that are determined by our experienced service technicians with the latest measuring devices. You save the costs of investing in your own measuring instruments and acquire valuable know-how to improve your machines and systems.

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