Calibration of load cells & force transducer ÖNORM EN ISO / IEC 17025

Calibration of the measured variables force, length and mass

As a calibration body, we carry out accredited calibrations with our partner for the measurands force, length and mass. The basis for accreditation is ÖNORM EN ISO / IEC 17025. Test equipment monitoring has become more and more important in recent years. The calibration of the test equipment ensures that it can be traced back to international standards.

Monitoring of measuring instruments has become increasingly important in recent years. The calibration of the measuring instruments ensures their traceability to international standards.

Last but not least, it is a normative requirement for QM systems for production factories as well as for testing laboratories to legally safeguard the products or the test results.

We carry out calibrations according to international and national standards as well as guidelines and company standards within and outside the scope of accreditation and issue ÖKD or factory calibration certificates.

The Calibration Laboratory assumes your monitoring of measuring instrumentst , i. the recalibration of your measuring instruments is carried out by us in agreed periods. You will receive a message in good time before the end of the calibration period. Our standards are regularly connected to the international standards by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Germany or by the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying (BEV) in Austria.

Due to the regular participation in interlaboratory tests, the calibration procedures of the Calibration Laboratory are checked by the Accreditation Authority.

Calibration of tension and compression testing machines
We calibrate the force measuring instruments of tension and compression testing machines regardless of manufacturer on site.
Within the accreditation, we can cover a range from 0.01 N to 1000 kN (tensile testing machines) and 5000 kN (compression testing machines).

Since our accreditation extends to the path measuring systems of the testing machines (see length measurement), we can offer a complete calibration.

Calibration of force sensors
We calibrate force transducers and portable handheld force gauges in the pressure direction up to 5000 kN and in the direction of pull up to 600 kN in accordance with the Dakks guideline DKD-R 3-3.

Calibration of adhesion testers
Adhesive tension testers of every type are calibrated by us in an accredited procedure.

Calibration of static load plates
On request, we can carry out in our laboratory accredited calibrations of static load plates  in accordance with the guideline DKD-R 3-3 .

Kraft Force

Calibration of handheld measuring instruments
In the area of the measurand length, the bvfs Calibration Laboratory covers a wide range of hand-held measuring instruments, such as callipers, dial gauges, touch probes or micrometers.

Calibration of extensometer devices
The offer includes all extensometers of pressure and tensile testing machines, such as:
Fine strain gauge, traverse path measuring instruments, optical transducers, etc.

Calibration of analysis sieves
We offer the calibration of analysis sieves of all mesh and hole sizes
according to ISO 3310 part 1 and 2 and EN ISO 5223.



Calibration of scales
In addition to the calibration of all types of non-automatic laboratory and manufacturing scales up to a maximum load of 150 t, we also offer the calibration of crane scales up to 60 t and platform scales (such as axle load scales) with high loads of up to 60 t and small weighing surfaces.
Platform scales and crane scales are calibrated with special loading equipment in the bvfs laboratory.
Through our cooperation partners on site, we are able to keep the journey times low.

Calibration of weights
The Calibration Laboratory is accredited for the calibration of weights of the
Class M1 from 1 mg to 1000 kg (calibration possible on site)
Also, special designs of weights may be calibrated, such as e.g. load weights of torque testers or self-built.

Class F1 from 1 mg to 20 kg.


Measurand pressure

Calibration of pressure gauges

We calibrate electronic and mechanical pressure gauges with the medium oil and nitrogen.


Measurand length

We offer shortened calibration procedures and the issuing of factory calibration certificates for all hand-held measuring instruments.

For final dimensions up to 100 mm we also issue factory calibration certificates.


Measurand force

We check hydraulic cylinders and clamping presses and create a conversion table from bar to kN.

Some of these checks are also possible on site.

We also offer the calibration of stranded voltage measuring instruments or load plate devices.