EBK torque transducer sensor measuring shaft

Torque sensors with built-in measuring amplifiers are sophisticated devices designed for precise torque measurements in various applications. These sensors combine the functionality of a torque sensor with that of a measuring amplifier in a single device, making them particularly user-friendly and efficient to use. The built-in measuring amplifier amplifies the signal directly at the measuring point, minimising signal loss and interference. The non-contact transmission of the supply energy and the measuring signal enables low-wear and maintenance-free continuous operation.

The integrated signal amplifier runs on 11.5 to 30 V DC; it outputs an analog signal of 0 to ± 5 V and a current signal of 10 mA ± 8 mA. Due to its large supply voltage range, the transducer can be operated directly from a PLC. The device should be used only with couplings designed specially for it. 

Note: This transducer should only be used together with the specially developed couplings

Features EBK torque transducer sensor measuring shaft

  • Measuring ranges: from 0.5 to 1000 Nm
  • Measuring accuracy: ≤0.5 % measuring range end value
  • Low cost
  • Proven strain gauge technology
  • Built-in measuring amplifier
  • Very compact design
  • Large input voltage range
  • Current and voltage output
  • Speed measurement optionally available

Area of application

Series EBK torque transducers are suitable for lab and industrial applications because of their small size and multiple mounting options. As supply voltage and output signal are transmitted without contact, the device can operate continuously with low wear and no maintenance. These transducers are also available with speed measurement for a host of applications.