Strain gauge alternative



Force and strain measurements with bonded strain gages (DMS) have long been used in mechanical and plant engineering as a measuring device for the standardized detection of straining and compressing deformations and are therefore part of the basic tools of designers and engineers.

However, the handling and application of a classic adhesive strain gage (DMS) not only requires a lot of time but also a lot of experience. Typically, the component surfaces have to be cleaned and sanded in a complex process before the strain gauge is attached, wired and protected with a special adhesive. If errors occur in this time-consuming process, material, time and measurement reliability are lost and all work steps have to be repeated.


The octogon magnetic press-on sensors with integrated StrainPad™ are far superior to conventional strain gauges. The surface expansion is measured in a matter of seconds, eliminating the need for time-consuming gluing, cleaning or grinding. The magnet assembly is quick and easy. The surface expansion that occurs is transferred to the measuring element by frictional engagement.

Feature & Concept

The integrated StrainPad™ is pressed firmly against the component to be measured with a constant force - caused by an integrated spring package - and measures the expansion as precisely as a glued on strain gauge. The resulting frictional connection between the StrainPad™ and the component surface replaces the commonly used adhesive.


The octogon magnetic press-on sensor is not glued on, but optionally attached magnetically. This can be used to carry out continuous monitoring or brief, quick and easy measurements on the component surface.


The application report - rail diagnosis using a magnetic holder - is perfect for getting a first impression of the applicability of our magnetic holder or the StrainPad. Contact us for more information.


Data sheet StrainPad

Data sheet Magnet holder

The octogon magnet holder makes strain measurement easier and faster and amortizes after just a few uses. The sensor can be used without time-consuming calibration, and handling does not require any special knowledge. Along with the high application reliability and quick and easy assembly, this results in enormous cost and time reductions.

In contrast to conventional strain gauges, the magnet holder can also remain on the device during continuous use, since the machine structure is not stressed. There is also no special protection of the measuring point necessary, as the StrainPad™ is additionally protected by its housing. It is also essential that the sensors are not overloaded and that the process variables which are to be measured are not influenced.

The octogon magnetic press-on sensor is not glued on, but optionally attached magnetically and is used for continuous monitoring or for brief measurements on the component surface.

The StrainPad magnetic holder is an alternative to adhesive strain gauges and is suitable for a wide variety of applications and functions. Manual cleaning of the measuring point is sufficient for preparation, so that the sensor can also be used in harsh industrial environments.