Strain gauge alternative



ALIGN METER flat specimens

Due to increasing quality requirements, the importance of the traceability of the geometrical alignment of materials testing machines continues to increase as well. By means of an exact alignment, the risk of incorrect measurements can be excluded. If there is an alignment error (incorrect alignment of test axes), an inhomogeneous introduction of force into the specimen occurs. This can lead to a break near the restraint.

Incorrect alignment of the test axes has a particularly strong effect on brittle materials. This means that even with apparently low tensile stress and strain, stiff and brittle materials break around the greatest bending. This represents an immense problem in materials testing, since these tensions cannot otherwise be measured after clamping and lead to a shift in the Wöhler curve, which cannot be averaged out from the number of test lots.

With the Align Meter for flat specimens, octogon enables its customers to measure tension due to the clamping of material specimens in a minimum of time. The respective measurement results are evaluated with our specially developed measuring amplifier. The Align Meter FP is therefore the perfect alternative to conventional strain gages (DMS).

Additional Value

The Align Meter for flat specimens from octogon enables its customers to measure tension due to the clamping of material specimens in a minimum of time.


Our StrainPads measure the surface strain like glued conventional strain gages (DMS) directly at the assembly point. The StrainPads are pressed so strongly against the surface to be measured that frictional engagement occurs. Gluing is therefore not required.

Easy & Fast Assembly

The Align Meter for flat specimens can be installed and dismantled quickly and easily. The sensors do not need to be recalibrated after replacement or removal and reinstallation. Thus, it is possible to check every single test sample for tension.


With the Align Meter for flat specimens it is possible to detect a wrong alignment of each test specimen and to identify faulty specimens. The easy and quick assembly / disassembly saves time and does not require specially trained personnel. Of course, the Align Meter and the StrainPads are reusable to check each individual test sample for undesirable tension due to the test samples being clamped in the testing machine. This enables you to provide proof of quality to your customers about the correct sample alignment.

Customized Production

You simply provide us with your individual geometry data, and we will adapt our Align Meter FP (flat specimens) to it. This has the advantage that the Align Meter FP is precisely adapted to your test samples. If you need several Align Meter FP for different test samples, we will gladly offer you a cost-effective solution.