Sensors and measuring technology

octogon offers a wide range of high-quality sensors and measuring technology. This ranges from our specially developed StrainPads to all kinds of weighing solutions.


Strainpad Unlike other, conventional strain gages (DMS), the StrainPad enables strain measurements without the time-consuming attaching of strain gages and delivers just as precise results.

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Flow measurement

Flow measurement For use in air-conditioning and ventilating plants, heating installations and the whole range of industrial facilities. With its two configurable limit value contacts, the integrated display and its numerous electrical connections, our flow sensors are unbeatable.

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Pressure measurement

Pressure measurement The pressure sensor is suitable to measure differential pressure. From this can be derived: flow rate (volumetricand mass flow) and level (level, volume, mass). Typical areas of use are chemical industry and process engineering.

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Level measurement

Level measurement Products for the level supervision: compact level limit value switches for the level limit monitoring in silos with bulk freights, modular conductivity level switches for watery media to the trend announcement of a level status up to modular level sensors.

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