Weighing platform L-P-INOXN

The L-P-INXON stainless steel weighing platform is a high-quality scale for professional use in industry and trade. Equipped with four legal-for-trade shear beam load cells and a highly resistant stainless steel frame, this innovative measuring device offers unrivalled accuracy and reliability. The robust stainless steel construction and IP68 protection against dust and splash water make the devices the perfect partner for use in demanding environments. It is designed for weights up to 3000 kg and offers customisable sizes up to 1500 x 1500 mm. The platforms' legal-for-trade load cells have an OIML R60 test certificate and guarantee a high level of precision and accuracy, while the legal-for-trade load plate allows flexible handling from the side of the load cells and junction box as well as easy cleaning. The platform is equipped with self-centring, adjustable and articulated feet made of AlSi 304 stainless steel. They make it easier to adapt to uneven surfaces and help to improve measuring accuracy.

Features Weighing platform L-P-INOXN

  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • Inspectable loading plate on cells and junction box sides. Stainless steel junction box with equalization board and 6 wires cable (5 m)
  • 4 shear beam 17-4PH stainless steel IP68 load cells
  • Accuracy class C3 (OIML R60)
  • AISI 304 stainless steel self-centering adjustable jointed feet
  • Two M12 holes for lifting

Area of application

The weighing platform is used for weighing heavy or large-volume objects in various industries. Platform scales are particularly indispensable in industry, as they combine robust industrial scales with compact dimensions.



















Code Load cells capacities Code Load cells capacities
L-P1250INOXNS5 500 kg L-P1250INOXN 1000 kg 1250 x 1250 1112 1210 60 4 60




L-P1500INOXNS5 500 kg L-P1500INOXN 1000 kg 1500 x 1500 1362 1460 60 4 60


Code L M N O Gross weight
L-TELP1250INOXN 1366 x 1366 1272 x 1272 110 200 30 kg
L-TELP1500INOXN 1616 x 1616 1522 x 1522 110 200 36 kg

Weighing Platform  L  P  Inox N 2

Weighing Platform  L  P  Inox N 3Weighing Platform  L  P  Inox N Drawing