Pressure measuring gauges

Pressure measuring elements as the basis for barometers, altimeters, blood pressure gauges, manometers, pressure sensors and pressure switches. We are among the leading suppliers of diaphragms, diaphragm measuring systems and pressure cells (differential and absolute pressure cells).


DIAPHRAGM ABSOLUTE PRESSURE GAUGEDiaphragm absolute pressure gauge are evacuated cells for use in aneroid barometers and altimeters. The spring action of the membranes and the load of the external air pressure are in balance.

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Differential capsules

Differential capsulesThe differential capsule measures the pressure outside the assembly with respect to the inside of the assembly.

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DiaphragmsDiaphragms are mainly used when, for example, very hot or highly corrosive processes do not allow direct contact between pressure gauges and the process medium.

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Diaphragm systems

Diaphragm systemsDiaphragm systems are suitable for measuring micro-pressure and vacuum of gas media in processes of all kinds, also with high demands on corrosion resistance.

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