Pressure transmitter VB81

The Pressure transmitter VB81 is a sensor with a chemical seal for pressure and level measurement. It is particularly suitable for use with highly corrosive and hot products due to its customised chemical sealing systems. The instrument enables reliable measurements through the simple connection of VEGABAR series 80 sensors as differential pressure electronics, opening up new possibilities for measuring differential pressures. This feature makes it a versatile choice for various industrial applications that require accurate pressure and level measurements even under demanding conditions.

Features Pressure transmitter VB81

  • Output signal: 4...20 mA or 4...20 mA/HART - two-wire
  • Measuring accuracy: <0.2 %
  • Measuring range - pressure: -1...1000 bar
  • Process temperature: -90...400 °C
  • Threaded connection: ≥ G½, ≥ ½ NPT
  • Flange connection: ≥ DN25, ≥ 1"
  • Ambient temperature: -40...80 °C
  • Protection class: up to IP68 (25 bar) and in IP69K
  • Housing materials: Plastic, aluminium or steel
  • Process connection: 316L stainless steel

Your benefit

  • Simple adaptation thanks to various configuration options
  • Reliable measurement with temperatures up to 400 °C
  • Reliable measurement independent of foam generation or tank installations

Area of application

The Vegabar 81 is used in industries and processes, especially where aggressive media, high temperatures or special hygiene requirements are present. Here are some typical applications:

Chemical industry - for measuring pressure and level in reactors, tanks or pipes that handle corrosive or highly toxic chemicals.

Pharmaceutical industry - where high demands are placed on hygiene and accuracy. The Vegabar 81 can be used to monitor pressure and level in sterile or aseptic processes.

Food and beverage industry - for measuring pipework pressure in dairies and tanks.

Oil and gas industry - for pressure measurement in pipelines and tanks.







Pressure Transmitter With Chemical Seal 1

Pressure Transmitter With Chemical Seal 2