Pressure sensor VB19

The pressure sensor VB19 is a universal pressure transmitter with 4 ... 20 mA output and metal measuring cell for measurement of gases, vapours and liquids up to 100 °C. The use of a metal measuring cell contributes to the robustness and reliability of the sensor.

Features Pressure sensor VB19

  • 4 ... 20 mA output
  • Measuring accuracy: 0.5 %
  • Measuring range - pressure: 0...100 bar
  • Threaded connection: ≥ G½, ≥ ½ NPT
  • Process temperature: -40...100 °C
  • Protection class: IP66/IP67
  • Ambient temperature: -40...70 °C
  • Materials, wetted parts: 316L
  • Approvals: Foodstuffs/Pharma

Your benefit

  • Price-favourable version with small mounting dimensions
  • Universally applicable due to fully welded metallic measuring cell

Suitable accessories

  • Welded socket VEGABAR series 10, 20, 30

Area of application

VEGABAR 19 is an economical solution for a variety of applications in all industrial sectors. These include, among others: Process industry, water supply and waste water treatment, food and beverage industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, power generation.








Pressure Sensor With Metallic Measuring Sensor 1