Pressure transmitter standard 1000 bar

Type: S-PT-ST



The range of electronic and mechanical pressure gauges for the entire industrial sector - from heavy industry to shipbuilding - includes pressure sensors, pressure switches, programmable pressure transmitters in a robust field frame, melt pressure transducers and pressure transmitters with HART protocol for measuring overpressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure. 


Technical features

  • Pressure: relative or absolute types
  • Ranges from 0...0,1 bar up to 0...1000 bar
  • Output: 0(4)...20 mA, 0...10 V, 0...5 V
  • Supply voltage: current loop, 10 (14)...30VDC
  • Accuracy: 0,5% (0,25%)of span
  • Degree of protection: IP65 or IP67
  • Medium contact parts and case of stainless steel (CrNi)
  • Process connection G 1/2, G 1/4, 1/2 NPT, 1/4 NPT
  • Connection: L-plug (valve), M12x1, cable



The pressure transmitter is suitable for mechanical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, general industrial applications, food and beverage industry.