S-MHPS Modular pressure transmitter HART

Type: S-MHPS



The pressure sensor is suitable to measure overpressure (negative, positive) and absolute pressure. From overpressure can be derived: Level (level, volume, mass). Typical fields of application are chemical industry and process engineering.


Technical features

  • Pressure: relative, absolute
  • Ranges 0...0,1 bar up to 0...1000 bar
  • Output: 4...20 mA HART
  • Supply voltage: current loop, 15...30VDC
  • Accuracy: 0,25% (0,5%) of span
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Medium contact parts: CrNi steel
  • Process connection: 1/2" / 1/4" / 1/2NPT / 1/4NPT / M20x1,5
  • Display with programming keys
  • Turn down up to 100:1



The extrem high demands of the working methods in the rough athmosphere of the heavy industry assume the application of especially robust field devices. Especially for this application octogon has formed the product family of the Heavy Duty sensors and has integrated the whole spectrum of the measuring and control technology into especially resistant aluminium-pressure cases.


  • oil and gas industry: torque measuring and monitoring on oil drilling platforms – worldwide in use application
  • treacly load measurement for the cement industry: measuring an control of temperature, pressure, force, level, filling state, flow and inclination in cement plants
  • steelfactories and glassworks: use of temperature-, pressure- and level measurement in the form of Heavy duty measuring instrument with HART-Protocol