Bubbling through pressure transducer with valve




In terms of process technology, the E-ADLM-PV presses air into the medium through an immersed pipe. The pressure of the air supplied is increased until the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid is reached and air bubbles bubble out of the pipe. This back pressure is the measure of the pressure at the lower end of the pipe, which results from the level of the medium.

Because the pipe has a fixed installation position, this counterpressure always varies when the level of the medium changes. The variable pressure signal is evaluated and output as a standard signal.


Technical features

  • Measurement: Positive relative pressure (hydrostatic pressure)
  • Range: 0...1000 mbar, 0...50 mbar, 0...100 mbar, 0...200 mbar, 0...350 mbar
  • Output: 0..10V and 4...20mA
  • Accuracy: up to 1% of end scale value
  • Supply voltage: 24 VDC, +/-20%
  • Level measuring in all liquids possible
  • Aggressive and abrasive media are no problem
  • Distance of point of bubbling through up to 50 m



For use in all ranges where conventional level measuring is not possible or too expensive.

Range of application: Purification plants, pump houses, well buildings, chemical industry, special vehicle construction (tanks for water and fuel), food manufacturing industry.