Measuring Gauges

Measuring Gauges | Alternative strain gauges

The innovative measuring instruments from octogon offer your customers the opportunity to carry out their measuring tasks in strain measurement even more efficiently.

Magnet holder

Magnet holder Force and strain measurements with bonded strain gages have long been used in mechanical and plant engineering as a measuring device for the standardized detection of strain and compressing deformations ...

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Ring Gauge

Ring Gauge Universally applicable ring gauge for alternative measuring strains on bars, axles and cylinders. The ring gauges from octogon measure elongations on rotationally symmetrical components in a simple and fast manner.

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Align Meter

Align Meter Due to increasing quality requirements, the importance of the traceability of the geometric alignment of materials testing machines continues to increase.

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Align Meter Micro

Align Meter Micro With the Align Meter Micro, octogon enables its customers to measure in a minimum of time. The Align Meter Micro is thus the perfect alternative to conventional strain gages (DMS).

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Align Meter FP

Align Meter FP With the Align Meter for flat specimens, octogon enables its customers to measure tension due to the clamping of material specimens in a minimum of time.

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Load Pins

Load Pins octogon develops and produces customer-specific load measuring pins as well as force measuring pins according to your specifications.

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