Strain gauge amplifier HART

Type: E-DRMU-S4



For use in industrial facilities, plant engineering or in general applications. With it’s two configurable limit value contacts, the integrated display and the numerous different input signals, the transmitter is also suitable for applications with higher requirements.


The strain gauge transmitter E-DRSG-S4 has a connection for a strain gauge full bridge. The sensor signal from the application gets transformed by the measurement amplifier into a standardized electrical signal.


The transmitter charges the strain gauge bridge with a measurement current. The output-signal of the bridge changes proportional to the load and can continue processing.


Technical features

  • Input: 1 strain gauge full bridge
  • Bridge resistance: 350 ohms minimun
  • Output: 4...20 mA HART current loop
  • Supply: 24 VDC, 85...250 VAC, current loop
  • Electrical connection: 2...6 plug-in terminal strip
  • Limit vale contacts: 2x electronically,
    2x relays
  • Protection: IP20
  • Accuracy: see data sheet
  • Enclosure: for DIN rail