L-CLM8 Intelligent junction box - 8 channels for load cells

L-CLM8 is an intelligent junction box with 8 independent channels for load cells. It enables the use of advanced functions such as digital equalisation, load distribution analysis and automatic diagnostics. Alphanimeric, backlit LCD display, 38x16 mm, 2 lines with 8 digits (5 mm digit height). 4-button keypad for system calibration. Protection against lightning and electrical discharges. With the L-CLM8 series you can benefit from all the advantages and performance of an advanced digital weighing system using analogue cells. This allows flexible adaptation to the specific requirements of each application.

Features L-CLM8 Intelligent junction box - 8 channels for load cells

  • Ethernet TCP/IP port for remote management (connectable to your PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. via web)
  • RS232 and RS485 ports (Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol)
  • OIML R76:2006 approved, class III, 3x5000 divis. 0.4 µV/VSI
  • 8 channels A/D converter - 24 bit (16000000 points) 4.8 kHz
  • Display range 999999

Available versions:

  • IP67 stainless steel box: 200x148x45 mm; 8+2 cable glands - plugs
  • IP67 ABS box: 210x130x40 mm; 4/8+2 PVC end fittings
  • IP67 polycarbonate box: 170x140x95 mm; 4/8+2 cable glands - plugs, 4+2 PVC end fittings
  • Omega/DIN rail mounting version: 125x92x52 mm
  • Board only: 151x72x30 mm

Area of application

Typically, such junction boxes are used in automation technology to simplify cabling and improve signal integrity. The use of an intelligent junction box can reduce sources of error and simplify maintenance.