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METIOR turns your measuring projects into success

Simple and intuitive data analysis: With its intuitive interface and excellent customization options, the Metior data acquisition software can make an optimal contribution to the implementation of your measurement projects. As a web-based measurement technology software, Metior is easy to understand and can be used safely – thanks to the flexible data visualization!


Intuitive Web Interface:

METIOR is an Angular programmed software and web based. This means that it can be executed via any standard browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.) and does not depend on any device. There is a standard version, which is tailored to our 8-channel measuring amplifier. At the customer's request and depending on the application, modules can be added to suit your measurement task most effectively. It is also possible to program these modules specifically for your application.

Metior additionally offers the option to use a touchscreen. This way it can also be easily used with tablets and mobile phones.

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From sensor to software, octogon offers the entire measuring chain, which guarantees perfect interaction of the individual components. This results in reliable and resilient data.

Metior is the software that fits seamlessly into the measurement chain of precise sensors, transducers, and measuring amplifiers from octogon.

Channels can be set up in next to no time, so you can start your measurements immediately.

Thanks to the different visualization options, you can decide how you want to display your data.



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