IO-Link strain gauge amplifier




The IO-Link strain gauge amplifier S-MISG-IO has a connection for a strain gauge full bridge. The sensor signal from the application is converted into a standardized IO-Link signal by the measuring amplifier. The transmitter uses its power supply to apply a measuring current to the strain gauge bridge.

The output signal of the bridge changes proportionally to the change in force and is passed on by the IO-Link interface as a digital signal.


Technical features

  • Input: 1 strain gauge full bridge
  • Bridge load: minimal 350 Ohm
  • Measurement range: free adjustable in a range of -32000...+32000
  • Output: IO-Link
  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Strain gauge supply: 3 VDC
  • Gross error: 0,05% of range
  • Electrical connection: several plugs, cable
  • Casing: PBT GF30 black
  • Dimensions: 72x28x35 mm (without electrical connection)
  • Protection class: at least IP65



The measuring amplifier S-MISG-IO can be configured for force and pressure applications. The measuring amplifier is equipped with a 1-channel IO-Link interface inside a robust plastic casing. It is suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial applications.