IO-Link load cells

The IO-Link load cell S-MULC-IO enables the comprehensive, standardized communication with each IO-Link capable sensor and actuator enables additional sensor data, transmission of measurement and switching signals without losses and numerous independent diagnostic functions.

Error, diagnostics or status messages, the sensor communicates independently to the controller. Unique device identification via vendor / device ID result from the IO-Link interface.

Features IO-Link load cells

  • Input: Load suspension device
  • Function load cell: Tension / Compression / Tension and compression
  • Measuring range: 500 kg | 1000 kg | 1500 kg | 3000 kg
  • Output: IO-Link interface
  • Voltage supply: 24 VDC
  • Accuracy: See technical data
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Vibration protection: Electronics completely potted
  • Configuration: per software (IO-Link)
  • Material load cell: Stainless steel / Tool steel nickel-plated
  • Accessories: Rod ends

Area of application

The load cell with integrated measuring amplifier IO-Link is for use in applications where dynamic forces have to be measured. Possible are tension, compression and tension / compression loads. The output signal has a signal level of 24 V (IO-Link  specification). The load cells are available with rod ends.