Strain Gauge Bridge Amplifier SIL3 + PL"e"

The safety measuring amplifier SIL3|PLe with 1 sensor input is for use in applications where a bridge signal has to be observed because of reasons of safety, eg for stage technology

Two models are available. The E-SMM-DR has a standard rail housing with one channel, the E-SMM-HD has a field housing with up to two channels. 

The evaluation of the load cell has to be done with a control system which is approved for SIL3 / Performance Level „e“. The Safety Measuring Module (SSM) is a safety-related measuring amplifier, which meets the requirements for the functional safety according to the standards IEC 61508 / EN 62061 (SIL3) and the requirements of the standard EN ISO 13849-1, Performance Level „e“, Category 3. The Safety Measuring Module is suitable for load and force sensors with different bridge signals. For a safaty-related application (SIL3) is in addition a Safety PLC with an implemented diagnostic software necessary. The SMM is available in the product types load/force cell (SSM integrated), heavy duty enclosure and DIN-rail enclosure each with separate load/force cell. The complete safety-related system (SIL3) is always being composed of a sensor , a Safety Measuring Module and a connected safety diagnostic unit (Safety PLC).

Features Strain Gauge Bridge Amplifier SIL3 + PL"e"

  • Sensor input: 1x strain gauge full bridge (350 ohms)
  • Stain gauge sensitivity: up to 4 mV/V
  • Bridge supply: 5 VDC
  • Analog output: 2x 4...20 mA
  • Voltage supply: 24 VDC +/-10%
  • Accuracy: 5% deviation channel A / channel B
  • Protection: IP20
  • Diagnostic input: Test pulse 24 VDC
  • Enclosure: DR22,5 (117,2x22,5x113,6)
  • Certificate: SIL 3, Performance Level "e"