Measuring electronics for signal evaluation of load cells

Our measuring electronics for signal evaluation of load cells and force transducers are used to display, transmit and record measurement data for a wide range of applications that rely on the amplification of the measured information. Our measuring devices are therefore characterised by high accuracy, reliability and a first-class price-performance ratio. Octogon offers innovative industrial measuring amplifiers that facilitate communication between the scale and PLC interfaces via fieldbuses (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO, Ethernet IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, CANopen, POWERLINK, CC-Link, IO Link, Sercos III). Put your trust in OCTOGON when it comes to measurement technology - we are your reliable partner for measurement electronics!

Precise measurements with measuring electronics from octogon

Octogon is a leading supplier of measuring electronics: our extensive range of strain gauge amplifiers, weight transmitters, weight indicators, IO-Link measuring amplifiers and safety measuring amplifiers up to SIL3 or PLe is perfect for integration in a wide variety of applications. Our measurement electronics not only ensure that the measured values are processed for the control unit, but also enable the use and evaluation of strain gauge sensors in bus systems. In addition, it enables longer distances to be bridged so that the measured values can also be precisely analysed at more distant locations. We would be happy to support you in selecting the right electronics for your application.

Strain gauge amplifier

Strain gauge amplifierFor use in industrial facilities, plant engineering or in general applications. With it’s two configurable limit value contacts, the integrated display and the numerous different input signals, the transmitter is also suitable for applications with higher requirements.

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Weight indicator

Weight indicatorHere at octogon, we provide a range of weighing indicators and force meters to suit various applications. We have everything from a simple load cell indicator used in floor scales to fully featured devices for operating truck scales.

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MINIATURE AMPLIFIERThe measuring amplifiers from octogon are ideally suited for the universal signal (analog | digital) processing of resistive strain gage measuring bridges. They serve to amplify the mV sensor signal from force and strain sensors on control inputs.

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SOFTWARESimple and intuitive data analysis: With its intuitive interface and excellent customization options, our data acquisition software can make an optimal contribution to the implementation of your measurement projects.

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Strain Gauge Amplifier SIL3|PLe

Strain Gauge Amplifier SIL3|PLeThe safety measuring amplifier with 1 sensor input is for use in applications where a bridge signal has to be observed because of reasons of safety, eg for stage technology. The evaluation of the load cell has to be done with a control system which is approved for SIL3 / Performance Level „e“.

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Safety control unit SIL3|PLe

Safety control unit SIL3|PLeCompact-type Safe PLC suitable up to PL e (EN ISO 13849-1) or SIL3 (IEC 61508). The programming and parameterization is possible by serial interface.

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IO-LinkWith a view to the requirements of Industry 4.0 applications, the digital point-to-point connection IO-Link offers a manufacturer-independent, fieldbus-independent communication technology, which provides manifold possibilities for the intelligent connection of sensors and actuators to the control level of an automation system and the communication between plant control and field level.

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Remote displays

Remote displaysOur variety of remote displays is extensive and diverse. In technology, the display describes a device for the optical signaling of variable information (states and values), especially measured values. In the field of work, remote displays represent an interface between humans and a technical process. Digital remote displays with a display with large digits are suitable for wall mounting.

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Data logger handheld

Data logger handheldEPD is a measuring amplifier with an integrated data logger, which is used either as hand device or for the stationary application. It has very compact dimensions and fits in any pocket. The measuring amplifier has an integrated bridge completion for 120 Ohm, 350 Ohm and 1000 Ohm strain guages. The SD card slot and the USB interface are closed by an additional cover.

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Measuring electronics for strain gauge sensors

Strain gauge sensors are often used in combination with measuring amplifiers or measuring electronics to enable precise measurements. The measuring electronics and strain gauge amplifiers we offer have been specially developed for carrying out precise and reliable measurements with strain gauge sensors. This includes a wide range of products that can record, amplify, filter and digitise signals from strain gauge sensors. The multi-channel measurement electronics can process signals from several strain gauge sensors simultaneously, which is useful for structural monitoring or machine monitoring, for example. For applications that require real-time monitoring, fast data processing and transmission is crucial. The integrated storage options for recording measurement data in measurement electronics offer various advantages and possibilities for improving data acquisition and processing. Compatibility with software is a crucial factor in measurement electronics as it enables the efficient use, analysis and further processing of the acquired data. Built-in calibration procedures are crucial for the accuracy and reliability of measurements. A robust and reliable design is essential to function reliably in harsh and industrial environments and to provide accurate measurement data in the long term.

Find out more about our measurement electronics and strain gauge amplifiers on our website and contact us for further information or a personal consultation. We look forward to fulfilling your requirements and supporting you with your measurement tasks.

DMS measuring amplifier

Our strain gauge measuring amplifiers offer you maximum precision and reliability for recording mechanical loads and strains. They are electronic devices for amplifying, conditioning and converting strain gauge signals into a form suitable for further processing or display. Strain gauges are thin metal strips whose tension or resistance changes when they are subjected to physical deformations. These deformations can be caused by force, pressure, tension or temperature changes. Designed for demanding industrial applications, they provide accurate measurement data you can rely on. A strain gauge amplifier can be either built-in or external, depending on the requirements and purpose of the system. A built-in strain gauge measuring amplifier is integrated into the measuring device or control unit and enables a compact and space-saving solution. An external strain gauge amplifier, on the other hand, is placed separately from the measuring cell or measuring device and may offer greater flexibility in the configuration of the system.

Strain gauge bridge amplifier SIL3 | PLE

The strain gauge bridge amplifiers not only offer you maximum precision and reliability, but also the safety required in critical applications. The devices are SIL3 and PLe certified and have been specially developed for the stringent requirements of safety-critical applications.

  • SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level 3) is a basis within the international IEC standard (EN 61508, EN 62061), which deals with the functional safety of electronic systems.The SIL3 requirements ensure that systems offer a very high level of reliability and fault tolerance, especially in safety-critical applications for the protection of people.
  • The five so-called Performance Levels (PL) from ‘a’ to ‘e’, as defined in the DIN EN ISO 13849-1 standard, are used to categorise safety-related performance. The SMM safety measurement module from Octogon is categorised in the highest level. With the SMM (Safety Measurement Module) function, our devices ensure continuous monitoring and diagnostics of the sensor and the entire system. They are built so robustly that they work reliably even in the harshest industrial environments.

IO-Link sensors & transmitters

IO-Link sensors & transmitters from octogon optimise data acquisition and data transmission in almost all industrial applications, resulting in improved process control and efficiency for our customers. Several process values or parameters can be transmitted simultaneously from one device via an unshielded standard cable using IO-Link. IO-Link is internationally standardised and works with all common fieldbuses and control systems.

With a view to the requirements of Industry 4.0 applications, the digital point-to-point connection IO-Link offers a manufacturer-independent, fieldbus-independent communication technology that offers a wide range of options for the intelligent connection of sensors and actuators to the control level of an automation system and communication between the plant control system and the field level.

Our technical sales staff will be happy to provide you with further information at any time.