Pin Load Cells

The pin load cells of octogon can be used individually or as part of a complete measuring system. Transducers of various designs and accuracy classes, in conjunction with our selection of measuring amplifiers, represent an ideal and safe solution for recording load, force and weight and for preventing overload and overstressing in systems.

Pin load cells are mounted externally in two supports, for example in the lugs of a fork head. The force is introduced between the supports. The pin load cell extends the machine element with the function of force measurement.

Due to their fixed dimensions, our standard measuring bolts are much more cost-effective than customized pin load cells.

Features Pin Load Cells

Area of application

octogon's range of pin load cells are designed to measure tension and compression forces in a variety of applications including crane/lifting equipment, industrial, marine, offshore and construction. Manufactured from high-strength stainless steel, our load pins are suitable for use in exposed situations, including prolonged immersion in seawater.