Load pins for force measurement

Load pins are suitable for a wide range of applications and are one of the most important components when it comes to force measurement. In specialist circles, they are also referred to as force measuring axes, force measuring pins or load measuring pins. The areas of use are diverse, depending on the applications in which they are to be integrated. They are most frequently found in mechanical and plant engineering or in industrial applications. As the design requirements are often quite individual, please do not hesitate to contact OCTOGON - as experts in measurement technology, we will be happy to take care of a custom-fit integration into your application.


We manufacture customized load pins that exactly match our customers' specifications. Our designs are characterized by high accuracy and linearity. Depending on the application, individual dimensions are designed and produced. Based on years of experience, our design department has developed manufacturing solutions for fast, safe and effective CAD tools for the design of load pins. We follow a bidirectional approach. This allows us to manufacture existing or new designs after checking the dimensions and corresponding capacities and safety requirements of the application in question. In addition, we can recommend measuring pins that meet the requirements and the corresponding safety factors.

Load Pins

Load Pinsoctogon develops and produces customer-specific load measuring pins as well as force measuring pins according to your specifications.

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PIN LOAD CELLSDue to their fixed dimensions, our standard measuring bolts are much more cost-effective than customised pin load cells.

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