Silo Load cells

Most tanks with a volume of 10 kilograms to 1000 tons or more are attached to compression load cellsweigh modules or silo load cells for weighing. The pendulum base of the load cell ensures the highest accuracy in the event of thermal expansion or shrinkage.

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Silo load cells are ideal for equipping tanks with a weighing function. Smaller tanks can also be placed on bench or floor scales, which is particularly useful for calibration applications.

Features Silo Load cells

  • Ranges from 1 t up to 75 t
  • Output 2mV/V
  • Supply voltage 10VDC
  • Accuracy below 0,05% of and scale value
  • Degree of protection IP68
  • Insensitive to off axis loads
  • Highly accurate and reliable
  • optioanally made of stainless steel
  • Optional: calibration ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17025

Area of application

Silo load cells for use in all ranges where weigths have to be measured, e.g. in electronic vehicle scales, in track scales, hoppers, vessel and silos in loading plants for ports and terotechnology.