Ring load cells

Ring load cells are made of one-piece and easy to mount. They suit nearly every installation. Hydraulic ring load cells are an efficient solution to measure anchor forces for example. Ring load cells are used for reliable measurements of medium and small compression forces. In miniature gesign they are used in applications with limited installation and/or detecting very small forces. Areas of applications are screw presses, cutting tools, propeller shafts and the measurement of bolt forces. 

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Features Ring load cells

  • Nominal load: 10 kN up to 200 kN
  • Output: strain gauge full bridge, 1 mV/V
  • Voltage supply: 10 VDC
  • Accuracy: +/- 0,5% of range
  • Temperature range: -20...+80 °C
  • Safe overload: 150% of nominal range
  • Material: stainless steel ARMCO 17-4PH
  • Protection: IP66
  • Connection: 3 m cable
  • Particularly robust for heavy duty industrial use
  • Optional: integrated measuring amplifier (4...20mA, ±10V or 0...10V)
  • Optional: integrated IO-Link measuring amplifier
  • Optional: calibration ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • High temperature: -50°C...+150°C

Area of application

For use in all ranges where weights have to be measured, e.g. monitoring screw preload, deep-draw pressing force, fork lift truck overload or failsafe cable tension.