Pancake type load cells

Pancake type load cells of stainless steel and protection class IP67 from octogon have a symmetrical structure, are very compact and are often used for push-pull applications in compartment scales, silo scales, machine scales, container scales, special scales and for force measurements in the testing machine and process industries. 

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The force is typically introduced via a load application button. The central application of force ensures that the ring load cell is largely insensitive to eccentric loads. It is also characterized by high accuracy and linearity. Pancake type load cells are ideally suited for long-term use in harsh environments and deliver precise and reproducible measurement results in pull-push applications.

Features Pancake type load cells

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Capacity: many different capacities available on request
  • Protection class: IP67/IP68
  • Design: The measurement element is hermetically sealed due to laser welding
  • Robust design for harsh industrial environment
  • High accuracy and linearity
  • Compatible with other manufacturers
  • Optional: integrated measuring amplifier (4...20mA, ±10V or 0...10V)
  • Optional: integrated IO-Link measuring amplifier
  • Optional: calibration ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • High temperature: -50°C...+150°C

Area of application

Weighbridge and lorry weighing scales, car weighing scales, tank and silo weighing scales, axle weighing scales. Measurement of press-in and insertion forces, spring forces, cutting forces, force measurement and control during assembly. Measurement of pressure on drilling machines.








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