S-Type push-pull load cells

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The S-Type push-pull load cell made of stainless steel was specially designet for measuring tension and compression and has protection class IP68 (protection against the ingress of dust, heavy water spray or submersion). The spring body of the S-Type C3 IP68 load cell is located in the center beam of the S-shape. This is a metal piece made of stainless steel that deforms under pressure and returns to its original shape when the load is released. This deformation process is measured with a strain gage and converted into an electrical signal. The load cell S-Type C3 IP68 can be calibrated in weight or force units.

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Features S-Type push-pull load cells

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Capacity: many different capacitys
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Design: The measuring element is hermetically sealed - Laser welded
  • Particularly robust for heavy duty industrial use
  • Optional: integrated measuring amplifier (4...20mA, ±10V or 0...10V)
  • Optional: integrated IO-Link measuring amplifier
  • Optional: calibration ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • High temperature: -50°C...+150°C

Area of application

S-Type push-pull load cells can be found in weighing equipment for small to medium load ranges up to one ton. The load cell, S-Type C3 is used in hybrid scales, silo scales, tensile force test machines, tank weighing, filling, dosing and mixing systems, crane scales, big bag scales, medical lifter scales and hanging container scales. When used as a force transducer, they can also be found in tensile force test machines or in material fatigue testing systems. They are perfect for pull and push applications.