Crane scales of the highest quality

The wireless crane scales of the highest quality with handheld display from octogon is characterized by its particularly robust design. In addition to its high capacity for industrial weighing, ease of use, and reliability, it is perfect for commercial warehouses and challenging environments. Crane Dynamometers are engineered to help weigh heavy objects with cranes. Our crane scales are delivered to you including a transport case - optionally with a shackle. We prioritise fast delivery to ensure that you always receive your orders on time.

They feature digital operation, and are available with corded or wireless remote controls to help change units or zero and tare out weight from a safe distance. Some remote controls even display measured data. Models without remote controls display data directly on the scale.

Features Crane scales

  • Ranges from 1t up to 500t
  • For use with standard lifting shackles
  • Distance 120m
  • Auto power down
  • Up to 255 links can be used
  • Accuracy 0,2% of end scale value
  • Degree of protection IP67 (load cell) respectively IP65 (hand held display)
  • Robust construction
  • Optional: calibration ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17025

Area of application

The hook-in radio load cell S-MFWZ was specifically developed to measure cable forces and hooked crane- / lift weighing applications. Even with compact dimensions and low weight, the device is highly accurate. Thanks to a robust design, the S-MFWZ is also suitable for rough environmental conditions.

Aluminum briefcase included for 3-10ton capacity. 

  • Multifunction portable crane scale with two shackles.
  • Five-digit backlit LCD display (25 mm).
  • On request: wireless remote control display for weight radio transmission; 15 m transmission range (TELEDTEZ option).
  • Power supply with three batteries AA 1.5V (50-hour operating time of continuous functioning).
  • Peak function (maximum value read).
  • Weight totalization.
  • Net weight and gross indicator.

L  Dte Z Kranwaage1

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