Ultrasonic level sensor VS63

The Ultrasonic level sensor VS63 is a sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids and bulk solids. It is suitable for measuring bulk solids in small to medium-sized containers and the non-contact measuring method is independent of the product properties and allows commissioning even without a medium.

Short ultrasonic pulses in the range of 18 to 70 kHz are emitted from the transducer onto the product to be measured, reflected by the product surface and received again by the transducer. The time from sending to receiving the signals is proportional to the fill level in the container.

Features Ultrasonic level sensor VS63

  • Measuring range: in liquids up to 15 m, in bulk solids up to 7 m
  • Measuring accuracy: ±6 mm
  • Process pressure: -0.2...+1 bar
  • Protection class: up to IP68 (1 bar)
  • Output signal: 4...20 mA/HART
  • Process connections: DN 100, 4" ANSI or mounting bracket
  • Extensive selection options for electronics, housing, approvals

Your benefit

  • Proven measurement technology for standard applications
  • Maintenance-free operation through non-contact measuring principle
  • Reliable measurement independent of product features

Area of application

The ultrasonic level sensor VS63 is an ultrasonic sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids and bulk solids. Typical applications are the measurement of liquids in storage tanks and open basins. The sensor is suitable for continuous level measurement of bulk solids in small up to average-size vessels. The non-contact measuring principle is independent of product features and allows a setup without medium.

For this instrument, new radar sensors with connection housing VEGAPULS 11, 21 or 31, or radar sensors with fixed connected cable VEGAPULS C 11, C 21, C 22 or C 23 are available as alternative.



Measuring range - Distance 15 m
Process temperature -40...80 °C
Process pressure -0,2...1 bar
Accuracy ± 10 mm / ± 0.4"
Materials, wetted parts
  • 316L
  • PPH
  • UP
Flange connection ≥ DN100, ≥ 4"
Seal material
  • EPDM
  • FKM
Housing material
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel (precision casting
  • Stainless steel (electropolished)
Protection rating
  • IP66/IP68 (0,2 bar)
  • IP66/IP67
  • IP66/IP68 (1 bar)
  • Profibus PA
  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • 4 … 20 mA/HART - two-wire
  • 4 … 20 mA/HART - four-wire
Ambient temperature -40...80 °C


Scope Scope
Explosion protection Explosion protection
Ship approval
  • ABS
  • CCS
  • DNV
  • GL
  • LR
  • RINA
SIL qualifikation SIL2


Display & adjustment 
  • PC, PACTware and DTM
  • HART-Communicator
  • Software (e. g. AMS™, PDM)
  • Display/adjustment module PLISCOM
  • VEGADIS 62
  • VEGADIS 81
  • VEGADIS 82

Ultrasonic Sensor For Continuous Measurement 1

Ultrasonic Sensor For Continuous Measurement 2