Tension link load cells




Load links or tension transducers from octogon are used worldwide by leading manufacturers. Our products are approved for even the highest safety requirements. We guarantee the necessary performance level in the plant, for instance when the measuring device needs to be of redundant design. Tension transducers from octogon are also certified for use in potentially explosive zones.


In these technologies the sensor is placed within the direct flow of force. This allows reliable measurement of force even when very high loads are being moved: For example, in cranes or other large lifting equipment – possibly in harbours of offshore applications. Octogon tension transducers are the right solution even in such challenging fields of application.


Technical features

  • Measurement ranges from 1 t up to 1.200 t (on request)
  • Can be used with standard load lugs
  • Input resistance 700 +-20 Ohm
  • Operating temperature -10...+80 °C
  • Full load output 1,5(+-0,25%) mV/V
  • Accuracy <0,1% vom Endwert
  • Protection class IP66 (load cell), IP68 on request
  • Robust design
  • Optional: calibration ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • Optional: integrated measuring amplifier (4...20mA, ±10V or 0...10V)
  • Optional: integrated IO-Link measuring amplifier
  • High temperature: -50°C...+150°C



The hook-in cable load cell S-ZGWZ was specifically developed to measure cable forces and hooked crane- / lift weighing applications. Even with compact dimensions and low weight, the device is highly accurate. Thanks to a robust design, the S-ZGWZ is also suitable for rough environmental conditions.

Customer-specific production of load links or tension transducers is of course possible.