Ring force washers

The ability to accurately measure preload forces with ring force washers enables versatile applications in industries where controlled tensioning is paramount. Our commitment to fast delivery ensures that your order of force rings arrives promptly, minimising downtime in your projects.

Ring force washer are ideally suited for the reliable measurement of medium to very high compressive forces. The most common areas of application are press spindles, cutting tools, propeller shafts and screw force measurements.

Our ring force washers are also available in miniature design and, due to their small deflection, are used in places with very limited installation space or for recording very small forces. This makes them suitable for almost every installation situation. The ring force washers are made of stainless steel and have protection class IP66.

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Features Ring force washers

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Capacity: many different capacity available on request
  • Protection class: IP66
  • Design: The sensing element is laser-welded
  • Particularly robust for heavy duty industrial use
  • Compatible with other sources
  • Optional: integrated measuring amplifier (4...20mA, ±10V or 0...10V)
  • Optional: integrated IO-Link measuring amplifier
  • Optional: calibration ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • High temperature: -50°C...+150°C

Typical Applications

Machines scales, cargo scales, silo and hopper scales, coil scales, heavy duty scales, as well as in power and in the testing machine and process industries.