Differential pressure transmitter VD85

The differential pressure transmitter VD85 with metallic measuring diaphragm is a universally applicable differential pressure transmitter for measuring liquids, gases and vapours.

A metallic measuring cell is used as the sensor element. The process pressures are transmitted via separating diaphragms and an oil filling to a piezoresistive sensor element (resistance measuring bridge in semiconductor technology). The difference between the pressures applied changes the bridge voltage. This is measured, processed and converted into a corresponding output signal. In addition, the measuring cell temperature and the static pressure on the low pressure side are measured. The measurement signals are further processed and are available as additional output signals.

Features Differential pressure transmitter VD85

  • Messbereiche: +0,1...+40 bar/+1...+4000 kPa (+0,145...+580 psig)
  • Kleinste kalibrierbare Messspanne: 1 mbar/100 Pa
  • Ausgangssignal: 4...20 mA/HART
  • Prozessanschluss bei Druckmittlern: Flansche ab DN 32 oder 2", hygienische Anschlüsse ab DN 32 oder 2"
  • Messgenauigkeit: <±0,065 %
  • Betriebsspannung: 11...35 V DC
  • Schutzart: bis IP68 (25 bar) mit externer Elektronik, sowie in IP69K

Your benefit

  • High reliability through integrated overload diaphragm
  • Measurement of very low differential pressures through high precision measured value detection
  • Multivariable sensor through integrated measurement of the absolute pressure

Area of application 

Typical applications are level measurements in pressurised tanks and flow measurements in combination with differential pressure sensors. Other applications include pressure monitoring on filters as well as density and interface measurements. 








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