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We are a quite new measuring technology company based in Leoben. Specialized in analytical sensor and measurement technology in all industrial areas, we offer our customers individual system solutions. All the way from the sensor (e.g. weighing technology) to the measuring amplifier to the software. We are your competent partner in measuring technology.


Octogon simplifies its customers' access to metrology that is required for the operation, monitoring, and protection of their infrastructure or their measurement points. Our StrainPad works based on strain gauges. The decisive factor here is that no gluing, welding, or screwing is necessary for application. We also offer customers the option of adapting our sensors to their respective application and servicing them if necessary. In addition, we offer a wide range of sensors, as well as the associated measuring peripherals including measuring amplifiers.


Shanghai Shenwu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (China) is a technology service company specializing in the development, design, sales and service of precision sensors, industrial instrumentation and test control systems in China. The main products include various types of force, strain, pressure and torque sensors from octogon. The solutions are made for applications within machine manufacturing, process automation, equipment manufacturing, automotive industry, home appliances, robotics and injection molding machine industry.




TEDS Mühendislik (Turkey) is the engineering company with the widest product portfolio in Turkey, offering testing, engineering and development solutions.



Orbitron Engineering (Sweden) offers consulting services in the areas of sensors, measurements, data acquisition, vehicle and component testing. Our Orbitron Store has a variety of well-chosen products for corporate and private customers.