• Strainpad-EN


    Strain Measurement Reinvented

    • No annoying gluing
    • Efficient and precise
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  • Messring-EN

    Ring Gauge

    Individual & Optimized

    • Force-fitted connection
    • Fast & easy installation
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  • Software-EN


    Intuitive and Reliable

    • Webserver access from all devices
    • Expert problem solution
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  • Messverstärker-EN

    Measuring Amplifier

    High-Precision and Cost-Effective

    • Reliable measurement chain
    • Easy to use
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  • Align Meter - EN
    Align Meter - EN

    Align Meter

    Measuring Certainty Lead by Innovation

    • Custom made production
    • Fast & easy installation
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octogon Unternehmen

Octogon Measuring Technology

We are a quite new measuring technology company based in Leoben. Specialized in analytical sensor and measurement technology in all industrial areas, we offer our customers individual system solutions. All the way from the sensor (e.g. weighing technology) to the measuring amplifier to the software. We are your competent partner in measuring technology.

Our Mission

To produce measurement results in a demanding environment on which our customers can rely. We also offer the best possible support.

octogon sensor- und messtechnik

Our Vision

Our solutions are considered technological benchmarks because they enable safe and efficient measurements at the best price possible.

Load Pins

Load Pins - SIL3 | PLe | IP68

Custom-Made Load Pin

load pins force measurementLoad measuring pins or just load pins are connecting pins between force-transmitting machine elements that simultaneously enable the measurement of the transverse forces. These measuring pins thus assume the function of a conventional connecting element with additional measurement of the tensile and compressive forces acting on it. They replace regular pins or bolts and measure the stress that these components experience. The measurement is carried out using built-in strain gages (DMS). Load pins can be used to monitor forces in machines, cranes, elevators and systems.

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Residual stress is the mechanical stress that occurs in structural parts and materials, but cannot be traced back to external operating loads. The causes of such internal stresses are manufacturing processes such as casting, welding, heat treatment or mechanical processing.

More about residual stress analysis

Strain Gauge Application

dms applikation

In mechanical engineering, mechanical components can also be converted into measuring instruments (DMS) through the application of strain gauges. You provide octogon with the mechanical components, or octogon visits you directly at your company to determine the forces acting on your components.

More about strain gauge (DMS) applications